Billie Winterholer

I am late-blooming non-binary transgender, meaning I did not "come out" until at a late age. My preferred pronouns are "she" and "her" but I am not strict, having spent most my life living with other pronouns. I am a parent to two, grandparent to five, and a great-grandparent to two (so far).

I am a widow, having lost my beautiful wife, Wanda, to ovarian cancer in May of 2012, after 35 years together.

I am also a writer, having published three books on Kindle Direct Publishing, and two short stories on Wattpad.


I also play guitar and a little banjo--both of which I shied away from for several years and am trying to take up again.

This is a video of my cover of John Denver's "Sunshine on my Shoulders."


This is a video of my cover of Denver's Darcy Farrow

Yes, the hair is a little shorter, this is from early 2010s.


Me picking Salt Creek on the banjo with VERY little hair!


My recording equipment was not the greatest, but Merry Christmas! "Silver Bells"