Billie Winterholer

I am Billie--IT tech, writer and I play guitar and banjo. I am also a recovering alcoholic trying to reset my life.

I am a widower, having lost my beautiful wife--Wanda--in 2012, after 33-1/2 years married.

I am transgender, non-binary with no expected pronouns, but do prefer "she" and "her".


Wanda and Bill (AKA: Mom and Dad or Gramma and Grampa) - We are both natives of Groton, Wanda being the oldest daughter of a Coast Guardsman stationed here, and I being the youngest son (the 'baby') of a submarine sailor stationed here.

In March of 2011, Wanda was diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer. After a year long battle to fight it, it reoccurred and she passed away May 14, 2012

We were married 33 1/2 years


Our daughters - Heather, the oldest (on the left), and Renee, the youngest (on the right). Heather still lives in Groton but Renee is currently living in Tennesee.


Adrien and Alanna are Heather's two children. Adrien is our oldest grandchild and Alanna is our third grandchild (and only granddaughter)


Renee's three boys (left to right): Jason is the second oldest grandchild while Brandon is the second youngest and Lukas is the youngest.